AUSDOM AW335 1080P Webcam With Microphone
AUSDOM AW335 1080P Webcam With MicrophoneAUSDOM AW335 1080P Webcam With MicrophoneAUSDOM AW335 1080P Webcam With MicrophoneAUSDOM AW335 1080P Webcam With MicrophoneAUSDOM AW335 1080P Webcam With MicrophoneAUSDOM AW335 1080P Webcam With MicrophoneAUSDOM AW335 1080P Webcam With Microphone

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1080 Full HD WEBCAM: With high-precision glass lens that can make high-quality video or calls with your friends or clients on Air, Skype, Facetime, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

Noise Cancelling Technology: Built-in noise-cancelling mic provides crystal voice quality even in a noisy room.

Automatic Light Correction: Work well in low light condition, such as streaming people singing Karaoke in a bar, it still can improve the picture and record clear videos even in dim light.

Plug and Play USB Connectivity: USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 connector for easy plug-in, super easy to use.

Multi-functional Hook Design: Makes calling and recording easier at any angle.

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F/No.: 2.0 

Focus: 30CM to infinity Lens 

Material: Film-coated glass lens 

View Angle: Horizontal 60° 

MIC.: Built-in 

S.P.L: -36dB±2dB 

Directivity: Omni-directional 

Sensor: MA1080(5B3)CSP-481/4.5 COMS “SAMSUNG” 

Interface: USB 2.0/1.1 (Free Driver) 

Power Consumption: ≤220MA 

Support OS (UVC): Windows7, Windows XP2, Windows8, Windows Vista 

Photo Resolution: 1280*1080 

Video Resolution (Video mode: YUY2): 

Max Resolution: 1980*1080 5fps 

Min. Resolution: 160*120 30fps 

Default: 1280*720 8fps 

Video Resolution (Video mode: MJPG): 

Max Resolution: 1980*1080 30fps 

Min. Resolution: 160*120 30fps 

Default: 1280*720 30fps 

Photo Format: JPG 

Operating Temp.: -10°C-50°C 

Storage Temp.: -10°C-80°C

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Excellent communication, excellent delivery, excellent product!

Really worked well for me

Really worked well for me. The picture quality it alright; it reminds me of the quality I'd get from my normal 8mp phone camera. It picks up movement pretty well and looks nice albeit a bit saturated-looking. The mic on the other hand really stands out. I can mumble something, and it'll still catch it 5ft away. Great buy for $20.

love it

This cute little webcam is small, but really performs well. It comes in a nicely packaged box, well packaged, and it really does what it's supposed to. I like the rubber clip at the bottom, it secures really well on your laptop or TV. It camera swivels 360 degrees trouble free, and has a focus knob that you can turn to give you better focus! I highly recommend this product to anyone.

so great

So far this little webcam has worked so great. It is exactly what I wanted at a budget-friendly price. Very easy to set up. I placed the camera on my computer monitor and connected it to my PC’s USB port via the USB cable. And then I inserted the CD supplied in the package into the computer CD-ROM drive and install the video software following the instructions step by step. I could set my webcam with personal preferences in the camera manager application to adjust the image quality of brightness, contrast, Sharpness or something else, to set the camera parameters of exposure, focus, and so on, or to choose the different image styles… I saw there were some negative reviews complaining that the manual focusing is hard to complete, but I think it’s not a big problem, truly. I use the camera to have video chats with my GF almost every night through Skype. Though I’m not sure if the image resolution is 1080P, the images are very clear. For the price, I think I can’t find a camera with such a great quality.

Great camera

Definitely beats the camera on my computer now. I am able to adjust it and move it around with ease and it has a great quality to the picture it puts out.